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portrait photography halifaxGrown Ups
Individual photoshoots: can be a wonderful outlet for personal expression, whether you want a set of glamorous prints that show you at your most beautiful best, a set of images that relay ‘your story’ of what’s important to you (your music, your love of gardening, your sport, etc), or something completely natural and spontaneous.

Professional business shots: on your site or blog are important for conveying credibility and professionalism.

Family pictures: are beautiful milestones that we love to capture. There is a ‘human imperative’ to know where we came from. The recent increase in interest in putting together a family tree often arises from researching family photographs. Families can keep their most treasured personal events for the rest of their lives through photographs – births, birthdays, confirmations, military service, engagements, weddings, annual holidays, or just a good old get-together, the list goes on. Such photographs represent the history of families, but also importantly it’s about capturing the bond between families and those precious days with loved ones.

Couples: Also, that crazy love between couples, and basically all of the little things that make YOUR lives amazing.



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