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boudoir photography



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A photograph celebrates a unique moment in time; a fleeting shadow; a play of light which will never again fall in exactly the same way; a chance expression that rekindles the mood of the occasion long after its passing. The imagery captures, not just the material colours, textures, light, shapes, people, buildings, landscapes, flowers, but also evokes thoughts, smells, dreams, and emotions. Photographs let you capture those special moments and keep them forever, a precious family heirloom for generations to come. A beautiful collection of photographs can capture the essence of your treasured memories, and give you joy for a lifetime. When you look at them, you may pause, daydream and fall in love with that moment all over again. I love to capture pure emotion – not only does a picture paint a thousand words, it can also evoke a myriad of feelings.


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© Carrie McKenzie: Photographer Halifax West Yorkshire